Our mission is to create, from natural fibers with exceptional properties, unique apparel, enveloping your body and soul, to bring you Alpine Serenity, wherever you are.

We're obsessed
with perfection

Our yak and baby camel fibers are directly collected from a handful of carefully selected Mongolian herders to obtain the best quality fibers. We then apply an extensive and rigorous de-hairing process to only keep the finest premium down, representing 15% of the fibers collected initially (vs. 30% typically in the textile industry).

Our fibers are neither mixed, nor dyed, therefore their unique naturality and exclusiveness is fully preserved.

We are symbiotic
with nature

Maintaining a symbiosis with nature is crucial for Le Chamois, as we rely on animals which are rare and living in remote areas. Their gentle padded hooves leave no impact on the fragile Mongolian desert soil, which would otherwise erode.

This is in contrast to cashmere goats, where numerous herds stampede, destroying the upper layer of the ground with their small, sharp hooves, leading to desertification of the grasslands, not ideal as vast regions in Mongolia are currently at risk of degrading into desert partially because of goat herding. Yaks, by comparison, have footsteps as soft as their fibers, which greatly reduces the risk of impacting the earth beneath them.

These extraordinary animals also have a positive impact when feeding. Unlike goats and sheep, camels and yak don’t eat the roots of plants, preferring the tops and stems, which in turn allows flora to be maintained to reinforce the desert soils. When traveling long distances, camels will then spread the plant seeds across the territory, with a direct positive effect on soil erosion.

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