Yak Down Snowflake Jacquard Dress Platinum

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Light, soft and delicately warm sleeveless dress with open round neckline and classic winter pattern.

100% yak down.

Designed in Switzerland, sourced and produced in Mongolia.


This light, soft and delicately warm sleeveless dress has an open round neckline and a classic winter pattern.

Perfect for outdoors or playing inside in the warmth of the fireplace. The comfortable yet elegant style is suited to every day and special occasions, wear it over a smart white blouse or casual natural fiber top.

Jacquard knitting ensures a premium and impeccably neat patterned finish, including on the inside.

Delicate yet highly wear-resistant, this dress will be part of many magical winter moments in your family, for generations.

Complete your child’s outfit with other pieces from Le Chamois Yak Down collection.

Designed in Switzerland, sourced and produced in Mongolia.

Specific References

  • Treat like cashmere and woolen wear: use delicate/wool machine wash cycle of 30°, or hand wash with long soak.
  • Use detergent suited to woolen or delicate fabric. No bleach.
  • Do not hang, do not tumble dry.
  • Lay garment flat on a cloth for drying to keep its shape. Iron inside-out on low heat with low steam.
  • Can be dry cleaned.

New finer than cashmere fiber, Le Chamois Switzerland’s Yak down will delight you with its exceptional physical properties, unique quality, rarity, and ecological low impact production.

Yak down is as soft as cashmere due to its small fibers diameter of 15-20 microns; with keratyne scales so small and well adhering to each other, this fiber possesses a sleek and unique soft touch. It is also durable and resistant so that you may pass the clothes intact to the next generation, even if actively worn. 

Non-itchy and hypoallergenic with perfect fit to children's sensitive skin,  more than twice as light-weight and warm as merino wool. Unique breathability and high hydrophobic properties make Yak down a perfect material for playing in the snow - even if ice lumps agglomerate around clothes, children's skins will stay warm and dry inside - just feel inside the mitten.

Collected during the shedding period from Mongolian Tibetan Yaks, Le Chamois’s “dehairing” process includes 7-8 sorting steps, while textile industries standard average is only 5 steps. Dehairing allows separation of coarse long hair from a downy undercoat that grows on yaks before winter and is shed in spring.

Le Chamois Switzerland selects only 100% top standard natural down fiber, unmixed, unbleached, undyed, with no chemical processing - to entirely preserve our Yak down’s exceptional qualities and rare natural delicate palette of colours, and also to guarantee users’, manufacturers’ and Nature’s well-being.

Continue reading the whole sourcing story based on our sustainable luxury philosophy in About Us section.

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