The exclusive properties of yak and camel down have won its recognition as a super-fiber across the globe, throughout history.

In medieval Europe, Crusaders and merchants from the East would bring back as gifts to Princes and Kings precious fabrics made of camel and yak down, admired for their luxurious and resilient qualities.

In the 19th Century, camel hair was used as a material for the “waiting robe” worn by polo players between matches to help them keep warm and dry to avoid getting chilly. This highly valued material was also used in army tents over 100 years ago, as its durable and lightweight structure made it easy to bear on shoulders and offered protection from both the burning sun and the penetrating cold.

More recently, astronauts and Arctic sub-ice divers have used yak and camel down fibers in their suits for their lightweight composition, exceptional insulation, non-ignition and ability to withstand extreme conditions. Such intense activities are in need of 100% protection, comfort and material breathability, to fulfill these exercises as precisely as possible, without any discomfort arising from their outfits.

In Mongolian and Bhutanese cultures, many clothing pieces are handmade and must last for many seasons. Some are even passed down from generation to generation. This makes yak down the perfect choice for handcrafted products. It’s not only strong and durable, but it is naturally antimicrobial and resists odors.

Le Chamois Switzerland carries the legacy of these world-class natural materials through the thoughtfully designed clothes for children and adults, durable and long-lasting to become part of your family’s history.

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